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The Cisa Electric Lock

Looking for more security on your communal front door lock, to replace a standard rim latch?  The Cisa Electric Lock is the solution.

The Cisa Electric Lock is a high security rim lock used in conjunction with an entry phone system, but can also be used as a stand alone rim lock with higher security than a standard rim lock, it can be fitted with a standard Cisa rim cylinder or can be can be fitted with our own registered high security cylinder, where keys can only be copied through our own Company.

The cylinders, with or without our registered section keys, can be passed or mastered to any cylinder section on the same key.

The standard Cisa 11610 series are the one's which the Master Locksmiths web shop are showing on this page.

There are 4 different hands on the 11610 Cisa Lock and are as follows.....Cisa 11610-60-1 inward opening right hand side.....Cisa 11610 -60-2 inward opening left hand side.....Cisa 11610-60-3 outward opening right hand side.....Cisa 11610-60-4 outward opening left hand side, these hands are assuming that you are standing on the inside of your door.

When ordering thes locks to be fitted, please order extra keys at same time.

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The 11610 series of Cisa Electric locks, are an extremely secure lock when fitted to an entry phone system; there are a number of different models in the Cisa electric lock range, which can be used for various applications, the ones stated here are solely for wooden doors. These Cisa locks can be used with key, swipe card, digital codes or even opened with a remote control unit.

The units are very strong fitments and can be fitted to both inward and outward doors, left and right handed doors.

The Cisa is supplied with three keys.

Pull resistant up to 2000kg, tested for one million cycles.

Suitable for inward and outward opening and for left and right handed doors.

A push mechanical button is used for opening.

Features the Cisa patented dead locking latch. Zinc-plated steel case and striker.

Need to be used with a 12v transformer.

This Electric Lock is suitable for heavy and light weighted doors.

The Electric lock to the right shows the outward opening lock to fit to the right hand side of the door.

Both these types of locks, inward and outward, can be used for stand alone locks, without the need for a power supply, as the button works on a mechanical principle.

As the outward opening version comes with its own keep, it is an ideal solution for a higher security rim lock, than a standard rim latch.

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If you would like to have the cylinders passed or mastered to any of the Cisa Electric Locks, or any other lock, please let us know by either filling in the estimate form below or telephone our office and speak to a member of our Locksmith team when booking your work.


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